Tom and Polly Ware are natives of the Brooksville, Kentucky area. They began their careers in the funeral business in March of 1974. Shortly after purchasing their first funeral home in Brooksville, they enrolled in the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. They assumed many roles as they worked, continued their education, and began a family, but through these times of added responsibilities, they continued to maintain their passion for the funeral business and their love for nurturing bereaved families. The operation of their funeral business in Brooksville continued and in 1986 a decision was made to build a new funeral home. The Robertson County Funeral Home in Mt. Olivet, Kentucky became a reality.

Three years later in 1989, the Ware's established a funeral home in Cynthiana, Kentucky. They were somewhat apprehensive about the move to a new community, but the decision to relocate in Cynthiana turned out to be one of the most gratifying decisions of their lives. The wonderful people of Harrison County welcomed them with open arms and through the years the people of that community have embraced them as friends and the Wares regard each family they serve as their own family.

Ware Funeral Home, as a business, has continued to grow over the years, but through this growth the basic mission of their establishment has not changed. They continue to remember the special care all families need and deserve during times of loss. Service through excellence is the very core of their business and each service they perform is an opportunity to convey their deep concern for families that seek their professional assistance.


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